The Stained Glass Windows of Memorial Hall

Opened in 1923 and dedicated by Lord Byng of Vimy, Memorial Hall was built to honour the memories of UNB’s fallen heroes of the First World War. Throughout its history Memorial Hall has been home to physics and chemistry classes and laboratories, CHSR, and to annual convocation ceremonies, and more recently Theatre UNB, the Centre for Musical Arts and the UNB Art Centre. Designed by Saint John architect F. Neil Brodie, the building’s architecture combines a unique blend of Classical and Gothic styles. One of the most impressive features of the building is the 7 stained glass windows in the building’s auditorium. These windows, celebrating the lives and contributions of UNB alumni and professors were donated by family members between 1926 and 1943 and were manufactured by the MacCausland Company of Toronto and by the Clayton and Bell Company of London, England.  These magnificent stained glass windows are now in need of repair due to deterioration caused by exposure to the elements and settling of the building.

The exhibition, The Stained Glass Windows of Memorial Hall will launch a fundraising campaign to help in the conservation of these windows. To help with this project, the UNB Art Centre has produced a 16-month calendar featuring images of the windows of Memorial Hall. Each calendar will sell for $15 and funds will go directly to the conservation of the windows. As well copies of Glorious Light: The Stained Glass of Fredericton by local architect and author John Leroux will be on sale with proceeds supporting the restoration campaign. The University of New Brunswick recognizes the historical and cultural significance of these beautiful historic windows, and the importance of their preservation for future generations. 

Calendars are available in the UNB Art Centre office, 9 Bailey Drive, Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. 

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